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Hubo company and Chinese enterprises who willingness to invest in Australia. Joint to development Australia's mineral resources and energy resources, In particular investment newly discovered ore sources, the pre-exploration and development medium-term resource projects, achieve common development and purchase of resources.
  About Hubo  
  Hubo Resources Co.Pty.Ltd incorporated in Melbourne, Australia's flagship companies – Hubo and other Hong Kong companies.
Through its flagship company, Hubo Resources Co.Pty.Ltd offers integrated supply chain services for its steel industry customers...
  Iron ore  
  Iron is a mineral, forming naturally over geological periods in the ground and within rocks. It is one of the most common elements on earth, comprising About 5 per cent of the earth's crust. Rocks containing iron ore often date to more than 2,500million years old. It is the key ingredient...  
  What is LNG  
  LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas.
LNG is natural gas that is dehydrated, purified and cooled to the point of -162°C so that it condenses to a liquid at atmospheric pressure. Liquefaction reduces the volume by 600 times, which enables...
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